How to fix plugged in not charging in windows 10

One of the common problems that all users face is battery is not charging when plugged in . The reasons can vary and this article will help you discover the solutions that can help you fix this problem.

The factors that are responsible for your laptop’s battery stopped charging or it might not charge completely can be its health, age or any other hardware problems

Run – Windows 10 Battery Diagnostics

In case the battery is not charging completely then try using Battery troubleshooter available in Windows 10.

Open – Start—Settings—Update & security—Troubleshoot

Scroll down and  click – Power

Click on – Run the troubleshooter

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Complete the steps given on wizard and restart your device to check if the issue has been solved.

Some laptop come with own utilities for factory diagnostics too. It is always better to use them to check your battery.

These diagnostic tools differ with each manufacturer, so make sure you check the documentation you got with your PC.

Prior to running a test, you may need to fully charge your device to 100%, detach the AC adapter and  boot into the diagnostic utility and after that run test.

Check if AC Power Supply is connected properly

In some cases the power cable attached to the  AC power supply may be loose. Make sure you check it if it’s properly fitted.

Use another charger to Test

There are chances that there may be issues with your charger. In case you have another charger with you at home, try to check if it works with that charger.

In case you don’t have a spare charger, you can borrow it from your colleague, neighbour also.

In case you do not have any other charger try your charger on a different laptop to check if it is charging.

In case you are doing a mix and match of laptop power adapters, ensure you choose the right power supply.

Check the brick and ensure that it is having exactly the same voltage and polarity same as adapter for your device

Detach  All External Devices

In case you have any external devices attached to your laptop like a USB external drive, Smartphone, mouse, printer etc while charging, then it takes more time for your battery to get fully charged.

So, disconnect all the devices connected so that your battery gets the space to charge properly.

Check if dirt/damage exist on Connectors

In case your laptop contains modular battery, take it out and then check if there is any damage or dust settled on it which needs to be cleaned inside battery compartment.

Check if any dust particles are there inside charging port stopping the battery from charging.

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